Problem with redraw/initialization in the X11 driver

Martin Cracauer cracauer at
Thu Sep 19 11:54:38 CDT 2002


first of all let me say that I am impressed by the progress that wine
made in the last months and I also see that working things don't get
broken for long anymore.  Congrats!

I have one problem with a game and I think the problem might be easy
to solve if you point me to the right piece of code.  Basically the
game (TacOps4) works fine, including all of OpenPlay.dll based
networking, but there is a redraw problem with the X11 driver.

When using the game in Wine, I see that Wine often draws white all
over the main window of this application, and only parts which are
redrawn manually by the game are rendered correctly.  I think it is a
safe guess that we see overcautious wine code in action here,
initially the window to white with good intentions, but the
application tries to optimize its redraw strategy and hence leaves all
the white that wine draws.  I tried switching on and off all the X11
driver options (dga etc.), but the problem was unaffected.  The same
problem appears in exactly the same way on Linux and FreeBSD.  I am
using XFree4.2 and the CVS version of DRI.

I placed a screenshot showing the problem at

You see that the main window is mostly white except for one item which
I just dragged from the small window to the main window, where the
game redrew just this area of the main window, and a second small area
of the main window which the game engine redrew for whatever reason.

Any suggestions about Wine code I should mess around with? Maybe there
is explicit code which does this whitening that I could disable or
make more clever?

A demo of this game is available, showing the same symptoms, in can
anybody wants to try it.
Mail me if you are unfamiliar with the game and want to see the bug
fast, I don't want to clutter up this mail.


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