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Fri Sep 20 09:31:02 CDT 2002

One step at a time...

Now I've successfully included my stubbed dll into the wine tree.

When I try to link to it, however, I still get undefined references
to what should be in the dll.  I added my stubbed dll to the
my_other_dll_DLLS section of the, just like it were a
normal wine dll.  Is that all I need to do to link to it?

When I run nm on my dll in /usr/local/lib/wine, it only lists
entries like:

000131a4 T __wine_stub_mydll_dll_13

It doesn't list any of the exported functions that are listed in the
spec file that winedump generated.  Does wine automagically match up
those stub statements with the exported symbols?

Does it matter that the dll is exporting C++ classes, not straight C


Hi Steve,

> I upgraded my autoconf, which solved my first problem.  Now,
> everything runs fine until I get to the make install step, when
> I get this error:

The attached patch to winedump corrects the over-enthusiatic insertion of
generated DLL entries into dlls/, and renames the MODULE from
<dll> to <dll>.dll as per the current build process.

You can manually remove the offending lines youself, edit dlls/ and
remove the 2 lines referring to your DLL after the targets "uninstall::" and
"install::". Then append".dll" to the MODULE = line in
dlls/<yourdll>/ Alternately, apply the patch and regenerate.

I've just tested the process from start to finish and it works for me now. Let
me know if you find any other issues. I've sent the patch to

> Thanks for making those changes to the README, hopefully they'll get
> committed soon so other can avoid the problems I had.

np :-)

(See attached file: winedump_fix.diff)

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