notepad vs write

Sean Young sean at
Fri Sep 20 11:33:26 CDT 2002

Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> wrote:
> "Francois Gouget" <fgouget at> wrote:
> > The problem is that write will handle RTF and Word documents correctly,
> > while notepad is just a text editor and will only display garbage...
> > 
> > (yes, wordpad will probably have problems with complex word documents,
> > but it should work with simple ones)
> I believe that Write is able to handle only old Word 5.x/6.x format files
> (and of course RTFs). RTFs should not produce too much trouble (just feed
> them to a richedit control). Regarding Word 5.x format here is a snipped
> from my very old DOS code which handled those files (*.doc,*.wri) well
> (it completely ignores formatting though):

I've written a .wri to RTF converter, which is available here:

It should be almost complete. The output is almost the same as the microsoft
converter (including bugs, if desired).

Now I have enough information to write write32.cnv, but is there any
need for this?


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