PE support in MZ_Exec() /winedos/module.c

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Sep 21 23:40:48 CDT 2002

"Chris Morgan" <cmorgan at> wrote:

> I have a .com application that is calling out to dos int21 4Bh to load and 
> execute a program.  MZ_Exec assumes this program is always going to be a dos 
> executable and the application fails to run and complains that it is a pe 
> executable.  So I've started to try and add support for correctly handling pe 
> executables.

If that is what Windows really does, then your approach is certainly right.
Did you check how Windows does behave in that case?

>  So far I have a patch like below but I'm thinking that a lot 
> more needs to be done in order to fulfill the dos requirements of this 
> function and kind of wanted some opinions on this.  This compiles but I 
> haven't tested it since the program is at work, just wanted to get some 
> feedback.

> +
> +  binType = MODULE_GetBinaryType(hFile);
> +

Why not call GetBinaryTypeA here? It will be much cleaner and will not break
DLL separation.


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