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Tom Hibbert cartel at
Sat Sep 21 06:07:52 CDT 2002


I am very interested in creating a home studio system with Linux. I get
1/4 the latency i do using Windows with the same hardware.. there is
more control.. etc etc.. there are many reasons why I want to do this. I
would especially like to use Cubase SX. The main barrier hampering this
(besides copy protection ;) is the lack of ASIO support under Wine.
Secondly, timing issues, but that is easy to tweak by the user. 

I am wondering if there are any progects or plans to implement ASIO in
Wine/WineX. If so, I would like to contribute. If not, I will have to go
to university and study computer science as well as electronic music.

Oh, yes - i know there are a lot of quality open source audio products
(Audacity, Psycle, Csound, MAX/MSP come to mind...) I am mainly
interested in seeing some VST implementation on Linux because VST is a
very widely used and mature base for software synthesisers and effects.
I'm told the only barrier to a NATIVE VST-capable app (Yes, the code is
all there in the Audacity sources AFAIK) is the porting of a library
known as libvstgui... why not run this through Winelib is the next thing
i am going to ask the developers of that particular product :)

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