GetCursorPos & NTCurrentTeb question

Rick Romero rick at
Mon Sep 23 11:08:58 CDT 2002

I'm trying to track down the buttonup issue for Foxpro, and I've found
an inconsistency, but I can't track it down.

I started with GetCursorPos.  It assigns PosX to pt->x, and PosY to
pt->y, then calls X11drv.GetCursorPos, and assigns the current mouse
coords to pt->x and pt->y.

The problem is when the button is clicked, PosX and PosY retain the
original values forever:

A second or so after the left button is clicked:
*Input.c current GetCursorPos (490,172) && (490,172)   
			     PosX,PosY && pt->X,pt->y
*Button1Mask / state   256 / 16  (button is now up)
*trace:cursor:X11DRV_GetCursorPos pointer at (489,186)  
				(Where X says the pointer is)
*-userdrivercall complete- (X11) Now: (490, 172)- 489,186-
				       PosX,PosY && pt->X,pt->y
(* my traces are just printf's)

Even though the values are updated, they never get reassigned to PosX
and PosY.   I'm not sure WHERE that's supposed to happen, nor have I
been able to figure out where GetCursorPos is called from.  Is it
possible that the values, and GetCursorPos are dealt with INTERNAL to MS

I also am finding that the Wine server is returning Status Pending, then
Status Timeout in WaitforMultipleObjectsEX in synchro.c.  This happens a
couple times when FoxPro starts up, but is eventually 'broken' out of.

The Status_Pending triggers a call to wait_reply() in
WaitforMultipleObjectsEx which does:
    ret = read( NtCurrentTeb()->wait_fd[0], &reply, sizeof(reply) );
GetCursorPos is called about 180 times before ret is set.

I can't seem to find any reference to NTCurrentTeb in Wine (grep -nr),
even though I found mention of it in the archive.  Seems like an
internal OS call.

I don't know what's calling GetCursorPos, I don't know where pt->x gets
assigned to PosX (but that's just a side effect, the mouse moves, it's
the button that's stuck), and I don't know why wait_reply is getting a

Any ideas for me?



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