export {Start,End}GraphicsExposures from x11drv

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Mon Sep 23 14:58:55 CDT 2002

On September 23, 2002 03:42 pm, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> is making available. That's why the right approach is to follow the
> API closely.

Closely, yes, but not necessarily exactly. There are clearly things in
the API that are not the business of the driver, but I agree with you
that are far in between. BTW, I did not dispute this point :)

> And figuring out exposure events fundamentally has to be the job 
> of the driver, because there are other windows on the screen that 
> USER doesn't know about.

But that's *EXACTLY* my point! This is a fundamental job of the USER
driver, why would it be bad to expose it? But this is all academic
anyway, if you don't want to have a fallback until later on...


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