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Here is the status of what I have so far on the ToDo's.
I am not sure what section to put alot of this in so I just made
Tools , Instructions  & Aspect or Component for now.
As much feedback as possiable is welcomed .


Wine ToDo's as of  9/24/02
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Window management

    * Window management needs proper inter-process handling of
      activation, focus, repaint.

National Language Support

    * ASCII function work
    * Winsock1 calls,in particular select(),use direct system calls 
instead of using related wine APIs
    * More unit tests need to be written
    * Make sure OOB data is handled properly. Check client-size blocking.
    * WS2: "provider" interface
    * WS2: Support other kind of services, like IrDA.
    * Fix stubs left in ws2_32.spec

Multimedia wave audio

    * Open Sound System: Support for full-duplex. Fix bugs.
    * Drivers for other APIs (ALSA, Esound, others).


    * Make the latency configurable (tunable).
    * More intelligent prebuffering.
    * Complete support for hardware secondary buffers through the HAL
     (for a future ALSA multimedia wave audio driver).
    * 3D sound buffers.
    * Sound capture (recording).


    * wine installation process should install and configure wine
    * winemaker fixes
    * Run C regression tests on Windows with MSVC
    * Compile Wine with -DSTRICT
    * Work on WRC as it does not find system headers


    * Write a proper Users Guide Introduction
    * Documentation updates

Aspect or Component

    * More DLL Separation
    * BiDi support
    * Review of Wine Server Protocol
    * Finalize Server Protocol
    * VxD support
    * PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
    * SEH support
    * Visual C++'s native COM support
    * Complete the SMB code (Server Message Block)
    * Implement WinNT file handling
    * Add DWARF2 support
    * Implement a DIB engine
    * Speed up PDB support
    * Network UNC path handling
    * Libfontconfig support
    * Create replacement of browser component (Internet Explorer/I

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