Regression Test - kernel atom test

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Tue Sep 24 11:33:50 CDT 2002

>Same failures here.
>One more problem I have is an infinite loop in test_delete_atom()
>function on the line while (!GlobalDeleteAtom( atom ));
>This is correct. According to Platform SDK docs GlobalDeleteAtom()
>always returns (ATOM)0. But documented way of detecting failure of
>the GlobalDeleteAtom() call doesn't work for me on w2k sp3 either:
>"To determine whether the function has failed, call SetLastError(ERROR_SUCCESS)
>before calling GlobalDeleteAtom, then call GetLastError. If the last error code
>is still ERROR_SUCCESS, GlobalDeleteAtom has succeeded."
>The question is: do we have to really worry about this? Is it Microsoft,
>who have broken atom APIs, and not we? Can anybody run atom tests on some
>other Windows platform other than Windows2000 SP3 (SP0, SP1, SP2 are fine)
>and report here the result?
My counter parts and I in the ReactOS project have been wondering the 
the same. We started with the goal of Windows NT 4.0 compatiblity in 
mind but would like to adopt more 2k-isms like wdm and such so we are 
changing our target. ATM ReactOS bombs very nicely on the kernel32_tests 
so having a stable target for regressions that both WINE and ReactOS can 
share would be a good thing.


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