Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Tue Sep 24 15:55:59 CDT 2002

Eric POUECH wrote:

>>Here is the status of what I have so far on the ToDo's.
>>I am not sure what section to put alot of this in so I just made
>>Tools , Instructions  & Aspect or Component for now.
>>As much feedback as possiable is welcomed .
>here's some feedback:
>Sound drivers
>- Alsa driver (on final 0.9 interface)
>- implement native codecs (RLE...)
>- enhance memory management issues (interprocess sending)
>- add a (n)curse backend so that we can run CUI programs without using USER32 (and X11 behind)
>file management:
>- implement NT file namespace
>- UNC support
>- allow flexibility in FS "mounting" (for example, SMB shares)
>(NB: I think we should make that clearer and not keep it shadowed in the Aspect/component list)
>(native) programs:
>- winhelp: fix invocation thru WinHelp
>- winedbg: make winedbg use dbghelp DLL (and implement it of course)
>remove the Multimedia wave audio section
>SEH support has been lately enhanced, is there still known issues ?
>IMO, Dwarf2 support should not be added to winedbg. use of gdb proxy should be required instead. (even if it means adding PDB support to gdb, but that'd be a better investment)
>we should make clear what the low priority items are (VxD support with dynamic loading for example)
I dont know if any of these are in any of the TODOs but here goes.
all of these would go under porting issues for Mingw/Cygwin/MS_VC

- Better seperation of win16/32 code.
- remove/rewite win16/9x api dependancy on newer code
- remove/rewrite wineisms from code
- documentation fixes

I think all of this is high priortity but I am biased =)


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