WineLib and DLLs (Winedump)

steve.lustbader at steve.lustbader at
Wed Sep 25 11:33:22 CDT 2002

>>> Does it matter that the dll is exporting C++ classes, not straight C
>>> functions?
>>That could make things slightly more complicated, since MS and gcc use
>>different name mangling systems. if you declare functions with extern "C"
>>linkage you should be OK. However there are differences in how gcc and MS
>>call methods on objects (and in the vtable layout etc), so in general its not
>>advised to mix win32 c++ dlls with a winelib exe and vice versa (i.e you
>>should implement mydll.dll as a real wine dll rather than as just a stub for
>Actually, it's a win32 c++ app with lots of win32 c++ dlls and one winelib
>c++ dll.  The winelib dll depends on two other win32 c++ dlls, which the app
>also depends on.  I'm trying to avoid turning those other dlls into winelib
>dlls, since one of them uses ATL.  Am I trying to do something that can't
>really be done?  Is it possible to make the stub dll that winelib generates

I mean take the stub that _winedump_ generates and have it forward the calls

>forward calls to the win32 dll (ie, give it both the gcc mangled name and the
>msvc mangled name)?

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