Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Wed Sep 25 12:35:24 CDT 2002

>I may be missing something, but there's already enough on that list
>to keep all of us busy until the release of Windows ZXF 2016.
>Are there plans to go through a public voting to determine which of
>these we need to fix until 0.9/1.0 ?
>Don't get me wrong, no specific recjection against Steven's points,
>just a general question.
While the stuff I have recommend are not show stoppers for 0.9/1.0 I 
would like to see a simi-working
wine on Cygwin/Windows for 1.x and none of the changes that I am 
recommending should break binary
compatiblity with wine 1.0 so I think it should be on the list. I will 
work on the documentation part soon and
others have already started working on fixing the win16/32 overlap in 
certain places.


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