Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Wed Sep 25 13:12:59 CDT 2002

Andriy Palamarchuk wrote:

>--- Steven Edwards <Steven_Ed4153 at> wrote:
>>I forgot to add
>>- rewrite/fix unixisms
>  can you explain this?
>Wine is Unix application/library, so it has to use
>Unix calls.
Hola Andriy
 Sure, sorry I wasnt to clear on this. I should have said

- rewrite/fix unixisms in most WINE dlls

There are a few ways to do this although it is true that in some places 
we are not able to get around unix calls. As for wineserver and other 
lower level portions of WINE such as winaspi and winsock we also we not 
be able to get around the Unixisms. There are ways to get around the 
Unixisms and Wineisms using libwine and GetProcAddress.

I have been slack in trying to fix some of these because of other 
projects I am working on but am planing on contenuting the work that has 
been started so far.


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