[Controversial] Developper only CVS sandbox

Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Wed Sep 25 15:52:41 CDT 2002

> As Dimi is not the only one that can start flames on 
> wine-devel, let's start
> a new one :-)

Unfortunately your topic is not controversial enough. :-)
> When I see the work that is starting to go on on D3D8 or even 
> on my old D3D
> code, I think that it would be nice if there was some CVS 
> 'sandbox' where
> Wine developper could interact on shared code without going 
> the Alexandre
> round-trip. This would be much less painful than sending 
> patches back and
> forth between developpers.

Makes sense.

> This sandbox would be closed (ie it would be a developper 
> only Wine tree) to
> NOT start another Wine fork and all development on this 
> sandbox would be
> merged back in Wine when they are ready (and then would still go the
> Alexandre way of course).
> Now, what does the Wine community think about this ? If 
> people agree, what
> would be the best way to handle this ?

Obviously anybody that have the resources can setup a CVS
server and give accounts to others.

So why discuss it at all. Do it yourself or if you
lack the resources try to convice somebody that do
to host it for you. If people think it is a good idea they
will use it and if they want write access they will ask
you for an CVS account. If not, well, I think you will
notice the lack of intrest... :-)

In short:
Action speaks louder than words.

BTW, Wine already have a SourceForge account
(registered by Dimitrie it seems).

Why not use it? SourceForge provides CVS access IIRC.

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