winedbg is not finding debug symbols, anybody know what I'm doing wrong ?

Eric POUECH Eric.Pouech at
Thu Sep 26 15:38:52 CDT 2002

> Whenever I run winedbg (or when wine runs it in response to an exception),
> it fails to find debug symbols.  Looking at disassembled code is making my
> brain numb.  I "export STRIP=false" before configure to ensure that the
> Makefile doesn't strip anything, and gdb finds everything just fine.  So what
> am I doing wrong?  
so you compiled and install wine yourself. did you install it in /usr/local or /usr/ ? (I just wonder if you don't have two sets of wine, one in /usr/local the other one in /usr). but I assume you double checked that
more likely, aren't you using gcc 3.2 by any chance ? if so, you need to force ELF symbol emission, not Dwarf II which became default in 3.2


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