winedbg is not finding debug symbols, anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

Bobby Bingham uhmmmm at
Thu Sep 26 21:24:03 CDT 2002

I know everytime I run configure, I do
CFLAGS="-gstabs" ./configure

I don't know if there's a nice way to get configure to do this
automatically?  is it not portable?  probably to best solution is to
implement Dwarf II in winedbg ...

Bobby Bingham

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 04:20:23PM -0500, Greg Turner wrote:
> Eric POUECH wrote...
> > but I assume you double checked that more likely, aren't you using gcc 3.2
> > by any chance ? if so, you need to force ELF symbol emission, not 
> > Dwarf II which became default in 3.2
> Bingo.  Guilty as charged.  Thank you SO MUCH for this, I should have figured gcc3.2 was the culprit,
> that thing is feisty!  I'll take a look at whether I can find a generic solution to this and post a patch.
> Now that you mention it, I think gcc3.2 has some other interesting warnings, something about
> some alignment thingys not supported anymore (probably I just change "-m$X" to "-f$X" to fix),
> I'll see about those too, could well be important...

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