Status of *ongoing* wine improvements?

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Sep 27 23:04:16 CDT 2002

The To-Do list Steven Edwards is putting together looks like
a nice menu of Things That Need To Be Done But Have Not Been Started

A similar list, of ongoing work, might be useful in a different way.
Check out 

It has a number of nice features:

* status of each proposed enhancement (planned / started / alpha / beta
/ ready / merged)

* each line is a link to a wine-devel post or web page describing the
proposed work

* each line has the names of people actually working on them

* items changed since last week are bold

* only items expected to be finished before the feature freeze for the
next release
are included

This list might be pretty short for Wine, but it'd be a nice way of

- Dan

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