A problem reading configuration file

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Sat Sep 28 06:46:51 CDT 2002

Me too. I made some programs with assembly under MS-DOS in the 90s
before switching to Linux ;)

> I think its normal. Findfirst finds the first entry, and findnext
> returns only 
> the next :)
> I'm sure it works that way. I have tried to check that in some
> documentation, 
> but if I remember right then I have used those in something like
> Borland 
> Delphi at the university. But I dont have Delphi at home...

> If that is ok, then do you have some idea, what could be the problem?
There was a patch applied few days ago on findnext... perhaps it's it.

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