Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Sun Sep 29 10:18:18 CDT 2002


Here is the changes to ( National Language Support )
Does it look alright with everyone ?
If not let me know and ill patch it again .

Everything else is the same I removed BiDi from Aspect or Component:
as well.



Wine ToDo's as of  9/29/02
Contact : twickline2 at

                    Wine ToDo OverView

Window management:

    * Window management needs proper inter-process handling of
      activation, focus, repaint.

National Language Support:

    * Make sure ASCII functions call the Unicode one and not the other 
way around.
    * BiDi support
    * Add support for Hebrew and Arabic
    * Add support for more keyboard layouts to x11drv
    * Figure out what should be done for better support of Chinese, 
Korean, Japanese

-- snip

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