Call for feeback

Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Sun Sep 29 12:00:36 CDT 2002

Hello ,

When I started the ToDo's I was unsure about what section to place some Tasks under
so I just made...

1) Tools:
2) Instructions: 
3) Aspect or Component:

And placed items under those three sections and ask for feedback about 
where they belong.
I have moved alot of the Tasks from my original list to there proper place.
This is the remaing list .. If it looks alright can someone just say everything looks fine ?
If something is out of place and you know where it goes can you * please *  let me know where it goes.
I dont feel comfortable making changes that im not totally sure about .
I just want the page to have up to date and ACCURATE information on it ...
Should there be a compile/build section ??


--- Remaing list


    * Wine installation process should install and configure wine
    * Winemaker fixes
    * Run C regression tests on Windows with MSVC
    * Compile Wine with -DSTRICT 
    * Work on WRC as it does not find system headers 


    * Write a proper Users Guide Introduction
    * Documentation updates

Aspect or Component:

    * More DLL Separation
    * Review of Wine Server Protocol
    * Finalize Server Protocol
    * PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) 
    * Visual C++'s native COM support 
    * Add DWARF2 support 
    * Speed up PDB support 
    * Create replacement of browser component (Internet Explorer/I 

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