Accept -g3 stabs info (sketchy?)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Sep 29 12:41:36 CDT 2002

> BTW, I did manage to crash things in gdb proxy mode.  Running
> Delphi 5 (my unrealistic fantasy is to get integrated debugging
> working in Delphi), I hit (in programs/winedbg/gdbproxy.c):
>     1853             i = write(gdbctx->sock, gdbctx->out_buf, gdbctx->out_len);
> >   1854             assert(i == gdbctx->out_len);
>     1855             /* if this fails, we'll have to use POLLOUT...
>     1856              */
> I'm looking into fixing this myself, but don't hold your breath.
well, it means that we need to implement the pollout stuff for writting
our buffer back... 
not very complicated, but not the easiest stuff to start with

> Also: I've printed out the 100+ page Dwarf II spec.  It's
> probably /way/ beyond my abilities to implement Dwarf II
> for winedbg but I figure it'd be an interesting learning
> experience to try, and I noticed that this is on the TODO
> list.  
DwarfII shouldn't be on the TODO list. IMO, it's way better to integrate
PDB (and the like) symbol manipulation in gdb and use the proxy version
of winedbg

> Another, more realistic, side-project I'm considering is
> to implement tab-completion and up-down arrow
> command-history in winedbg.  
- for the up/down, it's already in there... (in fact, use the emacs form
of command ctrl-P ctrl-N
- if you really want up/down, you just need to change the mode of the
console (in winedbg.c) (or move this settings as a configuration option)
- implementing tab completion would require quite of work
	+ reimplement tab processing
	+ reimplement lexical analysis
  => I'm not sure it's worth it... for most commands you have shortcuts
which speed up things


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