Fix to protect users from selves.

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Sun Sep 29 19:34:19 CDT 2002

To all that answered:

I also abhor the kludge that I wrote.

I also recognize that the test would catch possible *valid* filenames.

I will attempt to find the keys that cause the rename to occur.

However, the point of the patch was to:
  1. Provide the developers with a way not to have their Windows system (real or fake) be renamed during development. I got tired of
renaming the directories back to what they should have been.

  2. Protect the end users from destroying their Windows system during testing/playing. The last thing we should want is the
impression that Wine is dangerous because of unexpected consequences due to simple appearing actions.
"" still gets complaints from user that have done this very action.


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