patch to MZ_Exec() PE executables

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Mon Sep 30 19:59:59 CDT 2002

Can HeapAlloc() safely be used in those dos routines? 

I'm working on the CMDLINE fix.  Fixed the strlen thing, fixed the leak, 
looking into the PROCESS_INFORMATION leak.  Will fix the synchronous issue.


On Sunday 29 September 2002 05:07 am, Jukka Heinonen wrote:
> > Look reasonable?
> No. Command tail is not null terminated so you
> cannot use strlen. DOS exec function "load and exec"
> is synchronous so you should return to caller only
> after created process has finished. In addition
> to hFile lead found by Ove Kaaven, you are leaking
> handles in PROCESS_INFORMATION. Using fixed size
> buffer for full command line without sanity checks
> is a bad idea and will cause problems sooner or later.
> And, finally, you are ignoring long command lines
> from DOS program stored in CMDLINE environment
> variable. (I have already exchanged private email with
> Chris Morgan about this; DOS programs can be passed
> command tails longer than 126 characters using CMDLINE
> environment variable. Similarly, DOS programs may pass
> long command lines to programs they execute.)

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