Add support for CCSelect sound

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Mon Sep 30 20:59:55 CDT 2002

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Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 2:27 AM
Subject: Re: Add support for CCSelect sound

> >Objet : Add support for CCSelect sound
> Hi Guy,
> I wonder if a call to
> WCHAR name[] = { 'C','C','S','e','l','e','c','t','\\','.','c','u','r','r','e','n','t',0};
> PlaySound(name, 0, SND_ALIAS|SND_ASYNC);
> wouldn't do the trick (didn't check it, but it's very likely it's gonna work). I can't test it (I'm away from my home PC will all
my wine env)
> A+

I don't know. I merely reproduced the calls I saw in the relay trace (after removing all the MultiByteToWide junk).

I figured that doing similar calls should reproduce the same behavior (good or bad).


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