valgrind for WINE

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Tue Apr 1 13:00:11 CST 2003

Adam Gundy wrote:
> a new version of the valgrind patch has been uploaded to sourceforge -
> the only change is a small fix to the signal handling which should
> prevent "signal handler frame" uninitialized errors.
> comments? bug reports? success stories?

did test it yet.

As a global note, I think it would be appreciated breaking the patch in 
smaller bits... it makes it easier to track/follow what happens. For 
example, I don't see any reason for including the msvcrtd patches into 
this patch

I think that Alexandre is currently integrating (bit per bit) your 
changes into wine. look for the patch about zeroing the request zones 
(which is another implementation of your structure packing), as well as 
local availability of the thread PID

on a more minor side of things, I would keep the VALGRIND prefix in heap.c

last point, using the .vg extension to the wine script may not be 
optimal. it won't work (as it is written) for winelib programs (which 
got started also thru the wine script)
one solution would be (to follow your idea) to link (for a winelib app 
called foo) to script wine (and change your rule something like 
*.vg|*/*.vg). another option would be to embed this support as an option 
to the wine script (like --valgrind)

how are your patches doing on the "other side" (I mean valgrind's) ?
Eric Pouech

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