Visual FoxPro 8 / Wine20030318 crash

Paul McNett p at
Wed Apr 2 11:06:19 CST 2003

Uwe Bonnes writes:

>     Paul> fixme:ole:DispCallFunc Do not know how to handle pvargResult
>                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> For the first error, either try with a combo of the native OLE dlls
> (ole2,ole32,oleaut32, rpcrt4 and maybe more) or hope that some of the OLE
> gurus( Hey Marcus :-) picks up the problem.

Ok, that error disappeared.  Will have to add back builtin to each dll 
individually to determine which one is at fault...  I don't think that was 
the cause of my problem anyway (see below).

>     Paul> kernel32.dll.BeginUpdateResourceA fixme:process:CreateProcessA
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> For the unimplemented function, perhaps try to add a stub
> implementation. Look in the archives how others did it ( find out the
> arguments, add the entry in the spec file, add a stub implementation in a
> .c file and send the patch).

Ok, I did this.  Now I'm not a C programmer but it was pretty easy to figure 
out what to do.  I changed the @stub in the spec file to @stdcall, and 
added the argument types.  I noticed that UpdateResourceA and 
UpdateResourceW are implemented as stubs in /win32/kernel32.c,  so I put in 
the BeginUpdateResourceA, W and EndUpdateResourceA, W there as well.

With these changes, the Build EXE process doesn't crash for me anymore.  I 
end up with an EXE that runs fine, but doesn't contain icon and version 
resources.  At least I can do my test builds on Linux and then when I'm 
ready to deploy I can build on Windows.

So, I'll follow the instructions on submitting the patch later today.

Thanks Uwe! 

Paul McNett
Liberal Earthling

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