Winemine colors

Joshua Thielen fozeyman at
Wed Apr 2 07:49:42 CST 2003


I was just going through my old mail and I noticed
Shachar's email (below) on Jan. 26. Just to let you
know, I do try to keep up with the wine devel
discussions, but as you can see, I'm not very
successful. I still have a bug assigned to me that is
almost a year old now. I'd like to work on wine more,
but I've been really busy with school lately.
Hopefully, I'll have more time when I graduate.

Anyway, I chose that green color in winemine
specifically to make it annoying ;). Actually, at the
time I didn't want it to have a boring old gray
background, so I chose green in order to make it would
look like grass (a mine field). But I guess it's
pretty annoying. Do you have a color preference? Do
you or anyone else have more suggestions for improving
winemine? Maybe ideas for a 3D minesweeper game or
something? I wrote it like four years ago, and I
didn't know a whole lot about what I was doing (I was
in Comp. Sci. 1 when I wrote it). I'd like it to be
more fun than your typical minesweeper game. Also,
when I originally submitted it, someone complained
that it was slow. Is this still the case for anyone
out there?




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