glibc 2.3.2 and Xilinx Webpack 5.1

Steven Garrison Steven.Garrison at
Wed Apr 2 13:07:44 CST 2003

I am running RedHat 9.0 and wine 20030219. So I have run afoul of the new thread issue.

I cannot successfully install the Xilinx Webpack tools with the current setup which includes:
setting LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 or setting the kernel parameter nosysinfo.

The install dies with the following error with either of the above settings:

wine setup.exe
fixme:ntdll:RtlImpersonateSelf (00000002), stub
fixme:ntdll:NtOpenThreadToken (0xfffffffe,0x00000008,0x00000000,0x40b9ea98): stub
fixme:ntdll:RtlAddAccessAllowedAce (0x403b3ff0,0x00000002,0x00000003,0x403b3fb0),stub!
fixme:ntdll:NtAccessCheck (0x403b3fd0, 0xcafe, 00000001, 0x40b9eacc, 0x40b9eab0, 0x40b9eadc, 0x40b9eac4, 0x40b9eaa8), stub
fixme:advapi:RevertToSelf (), stub
XIO:  fatal IO error 2 (Success) on X server ":0.0"
      after 5251 requests (5243 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

This package does install and run if I follow the instructions posted on the thread with RedHat 8.0, kernel 2.4.20 and XFree86 4.3.0. 

So there are applications that do not now run under RedHat 9.0 with the new threading disabled.

-Steve Garrison

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