valgrind for WINE

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Apr 3 06:38:03 CST 2003

On April 3, 2003 08:45 am, Adam Gundy wrote:
> another couple of days trying to build one of our libraries (of about 40)
> convinced me that it wasn't going to be worth the effort.

Unfortunately, winegcc is missing suppport for -shared, so it's not yet
useful for building DLLs. I hope to fix that in the future.

The path that I always recommend is first build your app with mingw on
Windows, then simply change gcc to winegcc, and windres to wrc in the
Makefiles and you should be all set. In theory :)

> I see that winemaker didn't use winegcc as the compiler - does it really
> make that much difference? 

No it doesn't make that much of a difference, it's just more convenient.
winemaker does notuse winegcc yet, due to lack of time on our part to
update it.

> I had problems with nameless unions and
> structures, missing definitions in the wine headers, several OLE interfaces
> being missing, (our) OLE interface definition which defined sub-interfaces
> (don't know what the real name for these is) refusing to compile.
> Most of the issues were either:
> a) missing definitions or functionality in the wine(lib) headers - stuff
> which works under WINE mostly.

Nothing will help with that. Patches for adding those missing bits to our
headers are highly appreciated, and one of the reasons we encourage people
to compile their apps under Winelib.

> b) compiler problems where either Microsoft (in MFCxx) or we had used
> extensions to C++.

Yes, problematic -- you have to use only stuff that gcc understands.


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