valgrind for WINE

Adam Gundy arg at
Thu Apr 3 09:01:40 CST 2003

At 16:47 03/04/03 +0200, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
>You included the following suppression within  wine.supp into your
>valgrind patch,
>did you do debug or must a bug be open on bugzuilla ?
># The CTLCOLOR message handler doesn't fill in pResult - BUG!
>   CWnd::ReflectChildNotify/CWnd::OnChildNotify(Cond)
>   Memcheck:Cond
>   fun:CWnd::ReflectChildNotify
>   fun:CWnd::OnChildNotify

this is a bug in Microsoft's MFC library - I doubt we will get them to fix it!

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