PATCH: provide MSVCRTD.DLL debugging C runtime DLL

Adam Gundy arg at
Thu Apr 3 09:29:09 CST 2003

At 14:50 02/04/03 -0800, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
>Adam Gundy <arg at> writes:
>>         * dlls/ Rebuild the msvcrt directory twice, once for
>>  and once for the debug
>You can't do that, the is generated automatically. I'd
>suggest creating a separate directory for msvcrtd and make it forward
>everything to msvcrt like crtdll does.

OK.. I've just tried doing this but I don't appear to be able to redirect
functions declared as "-register" (longjmp, setjmp, setjmp3 and __CxxFrameHandler).

is there some magic syntax I need to use, or am I going to have to cut&paste these
functions into the MSVCRTD directory?

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