valgrind for WINE

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Apr 3 10:08:59 CST 2003

Adam Gundy <arg at> writes:

> Solaris isn't an issue here - valgrind only works on linux/x86.

Of course Solaris is an issue, unless you somehow make your patch take
effect only when running under valgrind.

> >Well, sending a signal to a thread from another process is standard
> >Linux functionality, so I'd argue that valgrind should support it one
> >way or another.
> which surely implies that it is OK to use kill() instead of pthread_kill()
> as a mechanism for sending signals to a thread... I assume that under NPTL
> pthread_kill() is just a thin wrapper for kill() anyway?

No, it's a wrapper for tkill(), which is the system call to send a
signal to a thread. kill() sends it to the whole process instead.

Alexandre Julliard
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