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Fri Apr 4 02:55:06 CST 2003

>>>>> "KK" == KK singh <kk_singh at> writes:

    KK> Hi, I am new to wine and it seems I would be sticking to it for
    KK> sometime.

    KK> I saw the builtin gdi32.dll specs. They seem quite different from
    KK> What I see in dependency walker for gdi32 on windows xp.  Actually,
    KK> due to this difference, I get Function Not implemented error when i
    KK> run wine.

You missed the crucial information, _what_ function is not implemented.

Normally missing GDI32 functions are only called when using native XP core
dlls (user32, perhaps comctl32, comdlg32 and shell32 ) too, which will lead
to other errors too.

    KK> I am using the 20030318 build of wine from winehq.

    KK> When i opened the gdi32.spec.c file, the header says it is
    KK> automatically generated and that it should not be edited.  Now, I
    KK> want to contribute to wine by updating the builtin gdi32.dll
    KK> parallel to the native one installed on xp.

The .spec file is the source. Add the functionname, the arguments and the
stub function name there. Implement the stub function in an appropriate C
File in dlls/gdi32.

If you see that you need more stub functions, perhaps consider adding a new
file for all those unimplemented functions.

    KK> But, how to go ahead with it ?? Or more precisely How gdi32.spec.c
    KK> is generated using winebuild.  How can I add missing
    KK> functions.. (NamedEscape) and how can i update export table of
    KK> Any suggestions pointers are welcome

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