Using WIN32 DLL from Unix library

Bill Medland billmedland at
Fri Apr 4 16:19:57 CST 2003

On April 3, 2003 06:48 am, Vittorio Ballestra wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like create a unix shared library that will make some call to a WIN32
> DLL using wine.
> Is this possible, and if it is so, where may I find some documentation
> pointers on how to achieve this ?
> Tnx,
> 	Vittorio

If you mean what I think you mean then it isn't possible (well, not 

I presume you mean that you want to call into a WIN32 dll from a unix process, 
using Wine to help you.

(I think that we are all agreed that ) you can only call into a WIN32 dll 
using Wine if the main process IS wine.

If that meets your requirements then look into Winelib; basically your unix 
shared library will need to be wrapped to look like a WIN32 dll.

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