Launching files with params

Vilppa Salt vilppa at
Sat Apr 5 05:50:38 CST 2003


This kind of command fails with wcmd:

start /wait somebatfile.bat

This was related to the T++ and random garbage characters bug. When executables are launched from other executables Wine freaks out and used to output T++ and random garbage characters. Now wine doesn't do that anymore but outputs: Sharing violation

However, if run such a program with --debugmsg +seh this happens:

U++ ¤&#"/#&(&)¤(¤(

So the bug is still remaining in the debug channel (I guess).

One program that does this is Valentine Dancer winamp plugin (nice visualizer BTW :) It can be downloaded from:

It extracts two files to the windows\temp directory (valentinesdancer_winamp.exe and wtinstallpimp.bat) and runs the bat file which is:

@echo off
if NOT EXIST %1\valentinesdancer_winamp.exe exit
start /wait %1\valentinesdancer_winamp.exe
del %1\valentinesdancer_winamp.exe
del %1\wtinstallpimp.bat

and the crash happens at the start /wait command because Wine doesn't find the file.

Attached is the debulog.txt that should have the relevant parts of the --debugmsg +relay output. So actually there are two bugs here. The debugmsg +seh bug and the wcmd bug. I hope here is enough information for someone to fix these.

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