WineHQ page

Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Sat Apr 5 21:20:53 CST 2003

No problem I can remove the dashes. They are leftover from my debug
version. The fact the site looks good in elinks is purely on accident.
I'll try harder to break it in the future. <g>

The reason I use blank.gif is to get an exact size empty space that can
be specified with width and height of the image tag. &nbsp; is not good
for this as it's imprecise. 

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 10:52, Michal Janusz Miroslaw wrote:
>   The new WineHW site looks great.  But the dashes appearing in elinks
> make it soooo ugly. When you remove alt="-" parameter from <img> tag
> they ... disappear! :)
>   -- Michal Miroslaw
> PS. Why don't you use '&nbsp;' instead of '<img src=blank.gif ...>' ?

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