--with-nptl and glibc-2.3.2

Gregory M. Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Sat Apr 5 23:48:48 CST 2003

On Saturday 05 April 2003 02:52 pm, James Pellow wrote:
> Thanks Gregory and Raphael for your answers.  So far, I have been using
> "~x86" for two months now, with only minor glitchs.  This is the biggest
> hangup I have found.  

yes, it tends to work just fine, although from time to time it goes south :)

It all depends on what the developers are working on, I guess.  Typically all 
goes well until glibc upgrades start looming, and then gcc breaks and it's 
time to re-read the gentoo install guide ;)  If you are a developer, it's a 
meaningful excercise; it's truly a bleeding edge system and any dependencies 
likely to affect your users in the coming months may hit you first.  It's 
also fun to see the very latest efforts from the OSS world and beyond... but 
personally, for desktop use, it's a bit too demanding, I need to save my 
mental energy ;)  My only advice would be: habitually use the -b flag to 
emerge so that when and if you kill your system you can revive it by 
untarring old emerges.

> I would be happy to look into the problem myself and
> provide a fix, but it seems work and taxes are taking up most of my time
> right now :( so I am curious how far out a fix might be.  Is this being
> worked on?  Thank you all for an incredible tool!
> - James

Tried Piotr Pawlow's recently posted fix?

> Try this:
> $ sed -e 's/-z,defs/-z=defs/g' <configure.ac >tmp && aclocal && autoconf
> tmp >configure
> and then as usual:
> $ ./configure && make depend && make


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