Launching files with params

Vilppa Salt vilppa at
Sun Apr 6 06:03:00 CDT 2003

>  From that log, it looks like wine didn't find start.exe.
> What version of Wine are you using?
 You are right. start.exe is not found. I thought that the program
  that start.exe is trying to run is not found. :) What should I do to
  get the wine to find start.exe? I noticed that Wine looks for some
  registry entries for start location. Maybe I'm missing those reg
 Wine is compiled from CVS. It's two days old.
> Where is your start.exe located?


Vilppa- ilmoittaa: tarjoaa kaikille rekisteröityneille käyttäjilleen kuukausimaksuttoman Internet -yhteyden (pvm).

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