winedos / Small bug fixes

Enrico Horn farmboy1 at
Sun Apr 6 16:11:30 CDT 2003


On Sunday 06 April 2003 15:40, Jukka Heinonen wrote:
> This patch fixes a few bugs in winedos.
> Changelog:
>     Return correct segment for VESA information.
>     Check oem number/version flag first and after that overwrite
>     condition code.
With this patch I get an unhandled exception
while trying to run callahans crosstime saloon,
an dos adventure that makes use of vesa.
without the patch the program runs, just with a black picture :-)
Here is a backtrace:
=>0 0x504f4344 (_end+0xc29dc08) (ebp=448c2d14)
  1 0x41be436c (VGA_Poll_Graphics+0x5c [vga.c:854] in (ebp=448c2d50)
  2 0x41be4717 (VGA_Poll+0x37(arg=0x0, low=0x4e6700d6, high=0x1c2fc80) [vga.c:940] in (ebp=448c2d64)
  3 0x400de5ea (.L130+0x4a [sync.c] in (ebp=448c2e14)
  4 0x400de742 (NTDLL.DLL.NtWaitForMultipleObjects+0x122 in (ebp=448c2eb8)
  5 0x400c163f (WaitForMultipleObjectsEx+0x5f(count=0x0, handles=0x0, wait_all=0x0, timeout=0xffffffff, alertable=0x1) [synchro.c:94] in (ebp=448c2ee8)
  6 0x41be2cec (VGA_TimerThread+0x4c(dummy=0x0) [vga.c:279] in (ebp=448c2f08)
  7 0x400c2b3d (THREAD_Start+0x7d [thread.c:1619] in (ebp=448c2f28)
  8 0x400c19c9 (SYSDEPS_StartThread+0xa9(teb=0x448d3000) [sysdeps.c:171] in (ebp=448c2ff4)
  9 0x4031e8d4 (clone+0x44 in (ebp=00000000)

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