RtlAtom tests further improved

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Mon Apr 7 04:21:42 CDT 2003

>> I can understand, that the focus lies on needed things, but it's still funny
>> comparing these two statements :)
>Hope that helps better understand our priorities.

I didn't want to refer specifically to the mentioned APIs, it was more about:

"And we want to run *all* Windows apps, not just the
ones that are lucky enough to not trigger our bugs."


"Do we really know of an app that uses ...?  Unless we find one,
there's really no reason to worry about it."

But as I said, it was more for the fun of it. I know that all of you are doing
a lot of hard work which needs priorizing. And this wasn't critics at all. So
let's make wine a better piece of SW. (I still need to do my part of it...)

bye  Fabi

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