Who is the expert on named_pipe.c

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Tue Apr 8 05:47:15 CDT 2003

Hi Bill,

Well, I wrote the code, so you can blame me if you like. Doesn't mean I 
know how to fix it though. :)

The code as it is still has lots of problems and unsupported features. I 
had a go at rewriting it about a month ago, but Alexandre disagreed with 
my new code and I haven't had time to look at it since. There's a patch 
on wine-patches somewhere if you want to try it out.


Bill Medland wrote:
> On April 7, 2003 01:03 pm, Bill Medland wrote:
>>I've found a problem with the named_pipe.c in the server.
>>Is there anyone out there who purports to be an expert or is it up to me to
>>fix it?
>>(Basically the server is creating a named pipe, reading from it, writing
>>back to it, flushing and closing, all before the client has read the reply;
>>the wineserver crashes as the client tries to read because it's copy no
>>longer has an fd)
> Actually the bug is that there is no flush function.  The server flush should 
> block until the client has read the data.  Now that is way beyond my current 
> knowledge. (and another example of Microsoft stupidity?)

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