Janitorial status?

Hans Leidekker hans at it.vu.nl
Tue Apr 8 07:54:49 CDT 2003


I was looking for a way to kill some time when I ended up on (WineHQ's 
version of) Dimi's janitorial page. It seems the page could use an 
update since as of this moment some of the items seem to have been 
finished, or nearly so:

tools/winapi_check/winapi_check --none --progress --cross-call-win32-win16

loader/module.c: kernel32: WIN32_GetProcAddress16: illegal call to GetProcAddress16 (Win32 -> Win16)
scheduler/syslevel.c: kernel32: _KERNEL32_86: illegal call to _LeaveSysLevel (Win32 -> Win16)

There must have been some problem converting these? Or were they introduced after
the cleanup maybe? I decided to look further:

tools/winapi_check/winapi_check --none --progress --cross-call-unicode-ascii

dlls/winmm/driver.c: winmm & winmm: OpenDriverW: illegal call to HEAP_strdupWtoA (Unicode -> ASCII)
dlls/winmm/driver.c: winmm & winmm: OpenDriverW: illegal call to OpenDriverA (Unicode -> ASCII)

What's the story here?

I decided to take on the 'Include statements should use <> instead of ""' 
item, as it seems nobody else is working on that (except Patrick Stridvall
who created that useful patch to winapi_cleanup of course). My plan is to
supply one patch for each directory in $WINE_SRC/* and $WINE_SRC/dlls/*, in
'ls' sorting order, to keep the patch size down. Is that OK with you?


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