Opening AVI files in Wine

Pouech Eric DMI AEI CAEN pouech-eric at
Thu Apr 10 01:27:53 CDT 2003

> Combustion uses the Video for Windows interface to open AVIs. The VFW 
> interface is abstracted through a plugin in combustion's plugin
> system. When i use a native msvfw32.dll the overlays inside the app dissapear
> and some of the buttons fail to render which is a Bad Thing.. perhaps 
> i need to use some other native supporting libraries in order to use native
> msvfw32, any suggestions?
> As for which codecs are installed and configured, I'm not sure how to tell. I've looked in the registry but cant find much. I have installed the DivX codec but thats about all I have done purposefully.
> The format of the files I want to open is Type 2 DVAVI. Selecting other types
> doesnt change my output.
> This is all getting confusing.. I am reading at 
> that Microsoft provide interfaces for Type 2 DVAVI only, and only for direct show. This is consistent
> with Combustion's inability to read Type 1 files (under windows of course). Does DirectShow = vfw32?
there are several and different interfaces in windows to play AVI files :
- msvfw32
- direct show
the first are not so badly implemented right now, whereas the latest is close to non existent
running with-debugsmg +msvfw,mciavi might help sheding some light on the matter


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