keyboard mapping with XFree86 4.3.0

Tim Ruehsen tim.ruehsen at
Thu Apr 10 03:36:50 CDT 2003

Hi Shachar,

> >Thank you, Dmitry. But it doesn't help. In this case I have US layout
> > which drives me crazy...
> Can you confirm that the messages go away, and that a German keyboard is
> detected by Wine? If so, we can solve the other problem quite easily.

No. "de" results in messages from wine and a fallback to "Using closest match 
instead (German keyboard layout without dead keys) for scancode mapping.". 
(so in wine i can't use right alt key, but in kde everything is ok)
See my first mail for more info.

"us,de" makes the wine messages go away. But in this case I have a US keyboard 
layout (in wine and in kde).

> >I read some XFree READMEs. They are talking about a possibility to
> > configure keyboard layout 'backward compatible' - but I could not find
> > out how (it might help).
> You don't need to. you can tell your X to use us,de as the keyboard, but
> to always be in grp2. Actually, what I just said counts as "backwards
> compatible", as that is what happens on 4.2.x. Does anyone know, off the
> top of their head, how to do that?

I try find this out.

Regards, Tim

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