make htmlpages does not work - regression?

thomas.mertes at thomas.mertes at
Thu Apr 10 02:42:44 CDT 2003


I noticed that "make htmlpages" does not work in Wine-20030408
but in Wine-20030318. The problem seems to be in some makefile
or configure change since /dlls/ still contains the
"Rules for auto documentation". but the actual Makefile does not.

I have in the moment no time to fix it myself (or search the patch
that made this change).

Btw. the documentation system is great, but I think that only a few
people know that it exists. To start it (according to Jon Griffiths):

Run ./configure, make htmlpages, point your browser at
documentation/html/index.html, then immediately start sending
patches for documentation glitches :-)

The interesting dlls (with many docomented functions) are
shlwapi.dll and ntdll.dll.

Greetings Thomas

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