wcmd, external commands, and options

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Apr 10 10:00:44 CDT 2003

Pouech Eric DMI AEI CAEN wrote:
>>On WinMe, it looks like
>>    start/wait notepad.exe
>>invokes start with the /wait option, but in Wine,
>>it invokes start\wait.exe.
> you mean from command.com, keying start/wait does what you do


> I think we should test if CreateProcess on WinXX does the same or not
> I suspect CreateProcess to implement an algorithm like:
> n = 1
> a/ take the n first chars of the command line
> if we can match this with an exec, then run it, and chars from command line from n+1 to end of line are arguments (which get parsed with spaces and rtabs as delimiters)
> otherwise, increment n and go to a/
> wine current implementation is a bit more rustic in a sense that our loop is only made of using spaces as separator for implementing the a/ loop
> the first thing to do IMO is to add this test case to our create process list

I don't think we need to change CreateProcess at all.  In
my tests, Wine matched Win9x's CreateProcess behavior nicely.
All the changes we need are in wcmd, I think.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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