Opening AVI files in Wine

Michael Günnewig MichaelGuennewig at
Thu Apr 10 13:54:05 CDT 2003

Tom Hibbert <cartel at> writes:

> Combustion uses the Video for Windows interface to open AVIs. The VFW 
> interface is abstracted through a plugin in combustion's plugin
> system. When i use a native msvfw32.dll the overlays inside the app dissapear
> and some of the buttons fail to render which is a Bad Thing.. perhaps 
> i need to use some other native supporting libraries in order to use native
> msvfw32, any suggestions?

Video for Windows normally uses the libraries avifile.dll or
avifil32.dll .

Could you verify it with (wine -debugmsg +loaddll) and if it's the
case we should figure out if it's my code which makes the

> As for which codecs are installed and configured, I'm not sure how
> to tell.

In your windows directory in the file system.ini the sections [drivers]
and [drivers32] tell you about the codecs usable by VfW.

| VIDC.MRLE=msrle32.dll       ; video codec for MS-RLE
| MSACM.imaadpcm=imaadp32.acm ; audio codec for IMA-ADPCM

> Does DirectShow = vfw32?

No, sorry. vfw32 stands for Video for Windows for a 32-bit Windows
version. VfW already exists in old Win 3.x but DirectShow first comes
with Win 95. DirectShow is the new interface to handle audio, video etc.


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