dos games, vesa and wine

Enrico Horn farmboy1 at
Thu Apr 10 16:47:40 CDT 2003

Another day, another round of questions concerning this topic.
I tried my dos4gw games with dos32a and they "work"(except some warning dos32a 
prints) but you have to run these games like this to get an result:
wine -- dos32a game.exe
thats is because the stub which loads the dos extender doesnt work and i have 
no idea why.
the behaviour is the following(trace of +int21):
allocate 1 block of memory
resize block to 65536(this fails returnnig number of available blocks)
resize block to whats available
allocate 1 block of memory(this fails as all is already allocated)
close all files, print error message and exit

the games i use all make use of vesa
they want 640x480x256
ddraw traces show a primary surface that is 8bit paletted.
is there any problem drawing this thing?
where is this done?
is there a routine that regularly updates the screen with content of this 
i have looked in x11drv(can it be that x11drv is in need of a rewrite?) and 
havent found anything but i am not expert at this and just poke around 
randomly where i see an interest.

Thanks for putting up with me

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