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Thu Apr 10 17:40:31 CDT 2003


I've been working on the definition of testing processes
for open source projects and, so far, Open Office is one
of the most organized projects I've found. The bug
tracking system of Wine is quite good, but I haven't
found much about the definition of Wine's test process.

I was wondering whether somebody in this discussio list 
could send me some pointers or documents where I could
learn more about Wine's test process. Basically, I've
been looking for a place where I could find answers for
questions such as:

How has the test process been defined in the beginning
of the Wine project?
How was the test process performed at that time?
How was the test process performed when there were no
web versions for the bug reports?
Are there test plans available?

My research is not based only on Wine. I've been
trying to find other open source projects that have an
organized and documented test process, but it's quite hard.

Many thanks for any help


Eduardo Augusto Bezerra, PhD

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The University of Sussex, Brighton, England, UK

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