ttydrv on a remote console

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Fri Apr 11 16:28:23 CDT 2003


I am trying to run a complex command line (XST from Xilinx) program with X
disabled, like on a remote terminal. With "GraphicsDriver" = "ttydrv" and
called like
"~/tmp/wine/compile/wine/wine -- /tmp/webpack-5.2/bin/nt/xst -quiet -ifn
__projnav/dacswitch.xst -ofn dacswitch.syr"
it soon crashes. I tracked it down to a failing WM_NCCREATE mesage in
TTYDRV_CreateWindow. Returning unconditional TRUE in TTYDRV_CreateWindow
makes the program run.

With x11drv, called on the command line like above, wndPtr->parent is not
set and the clause 
        create_desktop( display, wndPtr, cs );
        WIN_ReleasePtr( wndPtr );
        return TRUE;

is taken.

Any ideas? Running with wineconsole and wcmd resulted in a scrambled screen
and a crash too.


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